#104 Preis: 85.000 USD
Preis: 85.000 USD
Region und Ort: Karibik, Candoca - Manzanillo
Art: Einfamilienhaus
Grundstücksfläche: 2.400 qm
Bauweise: Massivbau
Baujahr: 2007
Wohnfläche und anzahl Zimmer: Ca. 300 qm, Zimmer 5
Die Aufteilung: Nutzzimmer: 2, Bäder: 2, Schlafzimmer: 1
Anzahl Parkplätze: 0
Objekt Zustand: Spektakuläres Schloss direkt am karibischen Meer.
Lage des Objekts: Direkte Meerlage.
Entfernung zum nächsten Ort: 0 Kilometer
Entfernung zur Strasse: 0 Kilometer
Die Courtage beträgt: 5.00 % inkl. aller Maklerdienstleistungen.

Beautifully situated in the Manzanillo-Gandoca National Refuge, bordering the reserve lands and right on the beach where the giant turtles come to nest! All concrete, contemporary unique design suited to the rainforest, jungle and the beach.

Enjoy the ocean view sipping your morning coffee from the second storey covered balcony! Full ensuites in both bedrooms, laundry on second storey by the bedrooms, very large kitchen, living room and dining room perfect for entertaining.

Its on 1/2 an acre of landscaped rain forest with fruit trees and palms.

Get away from the hustle and bustle in this ocean front retreat!


We bought the property in 2002 and my brother lived there from 2002 to September 2013. The present house was started in 2006 and completed in 2007 with all permits in place. The design is my brother's and the plans were done by an architect. We have all the original architectural drawings. The house was built by a certified contractor.

Water is provided from a new 2006 well with a pressure pump. There is a self cleaning filter that removes minerals. The water from the well is drinkable. We have been drinking it for 8 years! The water is excellent and plentiful since this is basically a rain forest. There is a main hot water tank for the house.

Sewage is handled by a septic tank which is large and properly built new in 2006.

Electricity is from the grid. There is no A/C installed in the house. The house is very open and is generally cool. It would be fairly simple to put a/c in the bedrooms although we have never needed it and actually sleep with a light blanket.

There is a phone line. Internet can be accessed through dial up. There is no cell service on the property as of yet.

Since my brother left in 2013, the property is somewhat maintained by a local on our behalf. It is in need of some repair which is the reason for the lower price.

I was there for 10 days in early May 2014 and cleaned the inside, outside, as well as did some minor repairs. The furniture and appliances in the pictures have been removed. I have included those picutres so you can see what the rooms could look like furnished. I have also included pictures from Ma 2014 when I was there so you can see the present condition of the house. The window iron bars on the main floor although repaired should be replaced. A couple of the electrical outlets need reinstalling.

The plumbing is in good working order and most of the electrical as well. The pump, filter and hot water tank work well. The doors need revarnishing and a bit of adjustment. Some of the concrete needs retouching around the windows and sealant. My brother liked the raw look of concrete but in my opinion, the house would look much better if painted inside and out.

The property taxes are approximately $250 USD a year and are paid to 2015. The phone service has been disconnected but the electricity is being kept on.

The beach is accessed by walking 60 meters out the front door! You can see the ocean through the trees. The beach is mostly deserted. Only during Easter weekend is there really anybody on it and even then it's sparse. The beach is a nesting ground for giant sea turtles. The season is between march and august.

Gandoca itself is very rural. the property is away from the road. There are no visible neighbouring houses. The closest house is about 150 meters away.

The property is not accessible by car. The car must be parked at the end of the road in the beach parking area. There has never been an issue with this thus far. You can easily walk to the property from there, one minute at most, or use a motorcycle or a 4 wheeler, both of which are street legal in Costa RIca.

Gandoca is a Costa Rican small village. There is a small convenience store in the village where you can get milk and other basic supplies. There is a small restaurant and bar.

There are three small local accommodation properties. The closest town is Sixaola which is the border town to Panama and is about 20 minutes by car. There are grocery stores there where you can get most things, a few restaurants and stores. Bríbrí, the municipality headquarter is about 40 minutes away on the way to Puerto VIejo. Puerto Viejo, the tourist destination of the Caribbean side of the country, is approximately an hour away by car.

In Puerto, there are grocery stores that carry more premium type goods to cater to the foreigners. There are many very good restaurants.

About This Property

Category: Single Family Homes

Address: Last House On Electrical Line



Costa Rica

Construction Year: 2006
Needs Renovating: Yes
Area: 2,600 Sq. Ft
Bedrooms: 2
Sleeps: n/a
Stories: 2
Parking Spaces: n/a

Don’t visit paradise, Make it your home!


1.Property: 2400 square meters

2.House: 3,000 square feet

3.Open Entrance: 21’ x 12’

4.Living room: 21’ x 21’

5.Kitchen: 21’ across, 15’ wide, circular

6.Dining Room: same as kitchen

7.Balcony: 22’x 10’

8.Bedrooms(2): 300 sq.ft. incl. en suite

9.Bathrooms: 2 1/2

10.Ceilings: 11’6”, 24’

Anzahl Views: 2473




  • Immobilen-Nummer: 104
  • Region: Karibik
  • Ort: Candoca - Manzanillo
  • Art: Einfamilienhaus

  • Ihr Berater: Herr M. Schussler
  • info@costa-rica-immobilien-gh.com

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