#55 Preis: 2.500.000 USD
Preis: 2.500.000 USD
Region und Ort: Pazifik Mitte, Puntarenas
Art: Villa
Grundstücksfläche: 371.000 qm
Bauweise: Massivbau
Baujahr: ----------
Wohnfläche und anzahl Zimmer: Ca. 300 qm, Zimmer
Die Aufteilung: ----------
Anzahl Parkplätze: 0
Objekt Zustand:
Lage des Objekts:
Entfernung zum nächsten Ort: 0 Kilometer
Entfernung zur Strasse: 0 Kilometer
Die Courtage beträgt: 0.00 % inkl. aller Maklerdienstleistungen.

LOCATION: Golfo Dulce AREA: 29.8 hectares (74.5 acres) Private area (title) and is 7.3 (17.5 hectares) the maritime zone of Front With 389 meters of beach Documents: Writing Plano, permits operation with ICT, Patent Law CANON CITY day. ACCESS: Navigating Only 20 minutes by sea in a boat from Golfito, city has to All Services Looking For The Economy And Athlete, airport, hospital, paragraph Deposit Free Trade Price Purchasing a half, rental car, and more Electricity: If hay produced by the same farm WATERS: Aqueduct owned the farm itself, and with a beautiful waterfall drinking Totally Emerging from pristine mountain of Your Own.

BUILDINGS; Lodge with 10 apartments in each two rooms, with all services and arrangements, restaurant bar and pool house employees, warehouse, green area, all with beautiful ocean views and Beachfront and Waterfall Garnish Mountain That precious pure low. All equipment includes hotel, more or 7 boats equipped boats sports Pezca One paragraph each 27 feet with their marine engines.

IMPORTANT: One of the East Lodge of Pezca Sports more Precious COSTA RICA, located in the Golfo Dulce HUGE natural beauty. Its owner is the holder 4 of hotels located near Golfito Same Exquisite Beauty and All, and what is a very delicate Paragraph sastifacer to TOURIST and Building, and the sale of his Lodge from BECAUSE need more rest and devote a Family. And rich in the El Pezca tuna, dorado, wahoo, striped marlin, Bucket, Pampanos, snook, snapper, roosters, Pleiades, mackerel, Needles, and MANY more...

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  • Immobilen-Nummer: 55
  • Region: Pazifik Mitte
  • Ort: Puntarenas
  • Art: Villa

  • Ihr Berater: Herr M. Schussler
  • info@costa-rica-immobilien-gh.com

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